No empty promises
We always deliver

No false advertisement
What you see is what you get

No room for arrogance
Always room to grow

No roof, we were raised by the streets
Now we give back

No colleagues
Only a brotherhood

No pretenses
Just true hospitality






We are not in the industry of food and beverage. We are in the industry of quality service – served to you on a plate.


No textbooks – the streets taught us. Success is hard work, dedication and the constant strive for perfection.


We live with no regrets. Life on the streets made us who we are today.

Welcome to our side of the street.


Concepts with no borders. We at Street Guys Hospitality began small but always maintained a big vision. In doing so, we have achieved in establishing accomplished restaurants and bars across two continents; taking the very best from the U.S. and employing them in the Balkans and vise versa.

#GuestGoals. We are proud with all that we have achieved thus far. First and foremost we are proud of our team members, 400+ of us, each with the same mission at the start of every day – that is, to create a fun, positive and memorable experience for every guest who walks through our doors.

No.1. Don’t be fooled, we do not use the term ‘accomplished’ lightly – our restaurants have attained groundbreaking success across all hospitality platforms, most recognizably on TripAdvisor, The Michelin Guide – and our loyal guests who keep returning time and time again. Take Ambar Capitol Hill, it not only took the title as #1 restaurant on TripAdvisor in all of Washington D.C. – but it has also maintained its spot for over a year and counting.

Cultural Ambassadors. What makes its position even more impressive? Ambar serves Balkan cuisine with a modern twist – winning over the hearts and appetites of the American public. In doing, Ambar as an international brand has single-handedly helped alter the somewhat unfavorable political undertone that the Balkans have held for decades. Furthermore, it has received the culinary stamp of approval from none other than The Michelin Guide 2016 – heralding it as the “place to visit – and to come equipped with a big appetite”.

Trend setters. Toro Latin GastroBar, carrying culinary genius Chef Richard Sandoval’s name, has grown to be far more than just a restaurant serving innovative cuisine in the heart of the Balkans – it has become a destination in its own right. Daytime or evening, TORO provides an unrivaled ambience in bustling Belgrade, promising an unforgettable experience and recommending all those who want a taste to arrive with a reservation – to avoid disappointment.

Consistent quality. Every ingredient that enters our kitchen is of the highest quality and standard – from the meat, to fresh greens, spices, grains, juices, spirits … across all concepts. Each supplier we partner with is selected with purpose for their unrivalled quality and ethical sourcing. Whether it be our fine dining restaurant Ambar Belgrade or fast-casual Burrito Madre – we will only ever serve the highest quality ingredients – a standard we have established and maintained since day one – never cutting edges.

Giving Back. Food is our passion – one which is our duty to share. Giving back to our community through the spreading of knowledge and offering of opportunity is part of our profession at SGH. Check our how we give back.